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i Gain Investment is a Broking and Research house and completed SEBI certified Research Analyst Certification under regulationation of SEBI, carrying out operations in fundamental and technical with group 'A' Company Stock only. We generate intraday as well as delivery calls in Stock cash and F&O in NSE & BSE. Our highly qualified research team comprising of MBA's (Finance), CFA and CA's and they are competent and well versed with the complexities and finer details of the Indian Stock market..We
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Points to remember 1) Equity beats inflation and provides superior return over other asset classes in the long run. ✨✨ 2) Good years are more than bad years. Based on the past we can say 70% of the time it is good years. 🌞🌞 3) Not possible to time the market. Need to stay invested through both good and bad years to reap the long term return. 💡💡 4) 10% correction once a year is a normal. Should not be surprised whenever it occurs. Only non occurrence should be a surprise. 🌟 🌟 5) 20% correction once in few years and 30% fall once in a decade is also very normal. Need to live through this roller coaster ride to enjoy high returns which equities offer. ☀☀ 6) Better to avoid checking portfolio during the periods of market turbulence. Once a year review is good enough, more so during bear🤔 markets. 🌟🌟 7) Need to withstand emotional pain during the corrections and falls. Any adverse reaction to emotional pain would convert temporary notional loss into permanent real loss. 😇 8) Invest when you’ve money. Redeem when you need money. Ensure there is not less than 10 year time gap between both. 🌾🌾 9) Have strong filters when you consume market news. If it is not possible, you would be better off ignoring such news and updates. ⚡⚡ 10) Patience, discipline and staying the course would ensure you reach your goals and become wealthy. Always work on developing these traits. 👍👍          Today's Free Calls
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